New Fiat 124 Spider

New Fiat 124 Spider
  • Sensuous, vintage design - ideal for any style
  • Uncompromised precision steering for excellent performance
  • Incredible acceleration, from 0 to 62 in 7.5 seconds
  • An impressive top speed of 135 MPH
  • Heated, leather seats for maximum comfort
  • Italian luxury and class
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Fiat 124 Spider

The Mazda MX-5 Roadster posed a question. Italy answered. The new Fiat 124 Spider’s fierce, feline lines, deliver a sleek, powerful presence that sensually curves around corners and weaves through cities without sacrificing any of the class and sophistication admired in its 1966 predecessor. The new Fiat 124 Spider was built for drivers by drivers, and values precision while incorporating uncomplicated freedom. With easy-to-use advanced technology, and a low-cost, low-weight, manually-operated, folding fabric roof, it’s never been more simple to let the top down and drive. Sharp and seductive, yet nimble and agile, the 124 Spider’s responsive, turbocharged engine adapts anywhere with grace and ease while achieving fuel efficiency figures of up to 44.1mpg.

124 Spider Features

Fiat 124 Spider - Vintage Style

Vintage Style

The New Fiat 124 Spider’s perfect proportions manifest in vintage, Italian angles and fierce, modern curves giving it plenty of poise, purpose, and presence on the road. This is a car that's sure to get you noticed.
Fiat 124 Spider - Impeccable Design

Impeccable Design

With it’s rear-drive road style, this incredible Fiat Spider has managed to achieve a perfect, 50/50 weight distribution to ensure exceptional, dynamic performance - regardless of where the road takes you.
Fiat 124 Spider - Top Of The Range Speed

Top of the range Speed

A state-of-the-art 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine delivers 140 HP and 240 Nm of torque, which means 0-62mph in 7.5 seconds and a top speed of 135mph. You're sure to impress with the Fiat Spider.
Fiat 124 Spider - Smooth And Sophisticated Handling

Smooth and sophisticated Handling

Double wishbone front suspension and multilink rear suspension delivers a razor-sharp response on corners as well as road-hugging perfection and peerless stability.


Fiat 124 Spider
Fiat 124 Spider
Fiat 124 Spider

More Features

Fiat 124 Spider - Amazing Comfort

Amazing comfort

Whispers of being more luxurious than its cousin the MX-5, the Spider’s low-slung, heated, wrap-around seats, with speakers in the headrests, provide safety-tested support while offering clarity of sound.
Fiat 124 Spider - Top Of The Range Technology

Top of the Range Technology

A cutting-edge, user-friendly, 7-inch touchscreen with multimedia control for easy operation of Bluetooth, navigation, and DAB radio, with voice-command for control while driving.
Fiat 124 Spider - Complete Control On The Road

Complete Control on the Road

From the distinctive placement of the wipers, to the intriguing shape of the windscreen pillars themselves, the Spider delivers maximum visibility and control, while maintaining a precise steering standard.
Fiat 124 Spider - An Amazing Italian Heritage

An amazing Italian Heritage

The 124 Spider is the latest chapter in a 50-year legacy, and a crowning achievement, a true statement about the vigour and vitality of Italian luxury. It's hard to ignore style like this.

124 Spider Colours

Fiat 124 Spider - Available In Passione Red

Passione Red

Fiat 124 Spider - Available In Ice White

Ice White

Fiat 124 Spider - Available In Argento Grey

Argento Grey

Fiat 124 Spider - Available In Fashion Grey

Fashion Grey

Fiat 124 Spider - Available In Italia Blue

Italia Blue

Fiat 124 Spider - Available In Magnetic Bronze

Magnetic Bronze

Fiat 124 Spider - Available In Volcano Black

Volcano Black

Fiat 124 Spider - Available In Urban Whitek

Urban White

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Aimed straight down the road, the Fiat requires fewer steering corrections to stay in its lane. Some will miss the Mazda version’s nervous energy, but we appreciate that the Fiat skipped that last shot of espresso
…There’s no denying Fiat has built a terrific sports car that takes all the MX-5’s good points and adds a certain Italian flair
I think that the Fiat 124 Spider is arguably the most beautiful, elegant, and well-proportioned neo-retro design I’ve seen in a very long time
New Fiat 124 Spider
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