New Fiat 500

New Fiat 500
  • Cute and compact; thoughtfully designed
  • Bubbly retro beauty sure to get you noticed
  • Ease and efficiency while driving
  • A small, frugal, and surprisingly strong engine
  • 71MPG means it gets you further for less
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Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 has set the standard as a true icon of compact Italian style, made specifically to manoeuvre through buzzing, European cities. Manageable and distinct among its peers: The 500 brings contemporary chic and present-day practicality to the table, and its updated design details give it a sweet, cheeky look. Super-stylish rear light clusters make the Fiat 500 bubbly and trendy, while a re-designed dashboard and steering wheel mellow it out with everyday appeal. Innovative technology enables smartphone connectivity, ensuring you’re always updated on the go. The Fiat 500 makes comfort and convenience practical, while a range of safety features ensure plentiful protection at all times. All engines deliver responsive performance without compromising economy. With an entire line-up and countless personalisation options, you are bound to find the Fiat 500 that is unmistakably you.

500 Features

Fiat 500 - Eye Catching Creativity

Eye Catching Creativity

A style icon for over 50 years, Fiat continues to set the bar for compacts, everywhere. The Fiat 500 takes its cues from the latest fashion hallmarks, while providing that bold flavour you couldn’t do without.”
Fiat 500 - Sensuous Style

Sensuous Style

The 500’s new seats were designed with a fashion-forward, ergonomic mindset, pulling cloths straight from runways. The new seats are modified with rear-passengers in mind, making more room for your passengers’ legs.
Fiat 500 - Complete Comfort

Complete Comfort

Improved USB/Aug-in ports and a roomy glove compartment increase functionality; smooth, rounded controls with chrome highlights add a flash of motion and colour ensure style without sacrificing either form or function.
Fiat 500 - Absolute Simplicity

Absolute Simplicity

Thanks to an innovative 7-inch TFT digital display, speed, revs, temperature, and the gearshift indicator are easier to read. This allows you to quickly and efficiently gauge and manage, while delivering more safety.


Fiat 500
Fiat 500
Fiat 500

More Features

Fiat 500 - Infotainment


Via a 5-inch touchscreen, Fiat’s Uconnect gives you more freedom to manage your smartphone and other multimedia devices, as well as more efficiency with managing your radio and your navigation.
Fiat 500 - Top Of The Range Technology

Top of the range Technology

Eco Is Your Personal Assistant, Helping You Save Fuel, And Checking CO2 Emissions Minute-by-minute. My Reminds You Where You Parked And Gives You Real-time Updates About The Health Of Your 500.
Fiat 500 - Absolute Safety

Absolute Safety

In the instance of an emergency, ABS with EBD will step in to assist, ensuring more stability and control, while a Hazard Device system immediately turns on the emergency lights to warn other road users.
Fiat 500 - Amazing Performance

Amazing Performance

Fiat’s 1.3 MultiJet 95HP can achieve up to 83.1MPG combined, and rock-bottom CO2 emissions of just 89 g/km. That’s tons of wiggle room to get where you’re going without sacrificing fun for efficiency.

500 Colours

Fiat 500 - Available In Passadoble Red

Passadoble Red

Fiat 500 - Available In Black & Red

Black & Red

Fiat 500 - Available In Bossa Nova White

Bossa Nova White

Fiat 500 - Available In Countrypolitan Yellow

Countrypolitan Yellow

Fiat 500 - Available In Volare Blue

Volare Blue

Fiat 500 - Available In Tech House Grey

Tech House Grey

Fiat 500 - Available In Black & Yellow

Black & Yellow

Fiat 500 - Available In Groove Metal Grey

Groove Metal Grey

Fiat 500 - Available In Avantgarde Bordeaux

Avantgarde Bordeaux

Fiat 500 - Available In Epic Blue

Epic Blue

Fiat 500 - Available In Electroclash Grey

Electroclash Grey

Fiat 500 - Available In Crossover Black

Crossover Black

Fiat 500 - Available In Urban White

Urban White

Fiat 500 - Available In Smooth Mint

Smooth Mint

Fiat 500 - Available In Glam Coral

Glam Coral

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The diminutive 500 boasts snazzy looks that help it stand out in a sea of small-car sameness
You’re putting your money somewhere very sensible
The contemporary Fiat 500 has cute retro styling along with a surprisingly roomy cabin for its small footprint
New Fiat 500
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